Harken Megapro 15-in-1 Multi-Bit Screwdriver

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The new dedicated marine version from Harken with all the bit heads you’ll ever need on your boat!

1. Dedicated marine screwdriver bits -loaded with 7 double end professional quality bits, this assortment of bit types and sizes provides the 14 most popular tips for driving screws in a marine setting. The shaft opening serves as a 1/4″ hex driver.

2. Stainless steel shaft and electroless nickel plated bits -perfect of the marine environment! Exceptional corrosion and wear resistance.

3. Super convenient bit storage cartridge and ergonomic design –bits all fit tightly in the drivers handle. Simply rotate the cartridge to find and select the bit you need. The rotating cap allows you to turn the driver while putting pressure on the end without blistering your palm, and the rotating collar allows for more control to help you drive straight.

What is it made of?
A stainless shaft and electroless nickel plated bits providing exceptional corrosion and wear resistance. The product is made in the USA and has a lifetime warranty