About BoatCrewGear.com

Proud to be an Australian small business selling sailing gear, paddling gear, foiling gear, board gear and boating gear. Based in Sydney but sell all over Australia and are just a phone call or email away.

We pride ourselves on being the water gear specialist. We don't just sell gear as an 'add on', we don't just run a website and get the brands to do all the work. We are easily contactable and we provide service online, on the phone, or at our #popup shops.

We look after professionals through to day trippers, those who need the latest and best for racing, paddlers, kiters, or simply those who need some kit to keep the sun or the rain off.

And when we’re not in the office, we’re out on the water - we cruise, we race, we regatta and we paddle.

Get in touch, tell us what you need and we can kit you out.


0457 152 168


PS. Unfortunately we do not arrange embroidery for crew gear at the moment. We can send your gear order direct to the embroiderer of your choice.