Vaikobi launches new Sailing Hiker Suit

22nd Jul 2023

Vaikobi launches new Sailing Hiker Suit

Over 18 months ago, Vaikobi lead designer Bart Milczarczyk and Founder Pat Langley set out on a mission to create the best sailing hikers in the world, joining forces with Aussie Laser (ILCA) legend Brett Beyer to provide expert advice on this particular product.

After a significant Design R&D and testing period, the new Vaikobi Hiker Force Suit is now available. Details here...

"Our sailing athletes told us that other hiking products let them down because the pads moved around and they lacked the adequate durability required for hiking. We were confident we could design a better hiker suit that offers maximum support, comfort and is simply made to last." says Milczarczyk.

Brett Beyer is one of the world's most successful ILCA sailors and professional coaches, and was brought on board to contribute quality insights and on-water product testing; which promises to revolutionise comfort and performance for hiking sailors. He says "I am proud to have my name associated with the innovative new Vaikobi hiking suit. Many years of sailing and coaching are in the design, prototyping, testing and manufacture of the suit and we have produced something unique and exceptionally efficient."

The hiker suit features an innovative adjustable waist back section that provides dynamic body support, which is critical for long periods of hiking. Each leg has four unbreakable extruded fibreglass battens and a 1000D Cordura reinforced pad area. This proven, no fuss external fixed batten system is the only design that stays in place while sailing.

The Vaikobi hiker suit boasts a range of customisable features, including a reinforced trimmable leg length that allows the user to customise their suit to a 3/4 or 5/8 length suit, plus shoulder straps that can be worn crossed over or straight depending on the sailor's upper body size.

In speaking with athletes and coaches, the Vaikobi team quickly identified that wear and tear on the seat and legs was the primary concern for hiking sailors. The solution is bonded taped seams to reinforce high load areas and create more durable seams, as well as low stretch neoprene VAR panels to provide structure and support to the thigh and seat area, where most hiking suits fail first.

"We set out to help sailors of all ages and experience reach maximum hiking performance across a range of conditions, and to design a suit that's super durable." explains Pat Langley, Vaikobi CEO and Founder.

Perhaps the secret weapon of the Vaikobi Hiker Force suit is the strategic panel design; engineered with four different neoprene combinations to balance support and stretch.

"If you're looking for that hiking advantage with a suit that is comfortable, then this is the suit you've been waiting for." ends Beyer. "Happy hiking!"

Various aspects of the Vaikobi HikerForce hiking suit design are protected by copyright and Patent Pending.