Zhik Powerpads - V5 NEW 2024

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V5 of the popular Zhik Powerpads now have a perforated neoprene construction and non slip silicon grip.

These Powerpads® are built on Zhik's founding designs. This enhanced version continues the evolution to provide more support, comfort and durability than ever before. Incorporating much loved original design elements, this hiking system has increased durability with reinforced seam construction and a pre-shaped form that moulds to your body for maximum comfort.

Non-slip internal silicon strips combine with a firm fitting perforated neoprene sleeve to ensure a secure fit, minimising slippage, and increasing breathability when in use. Additional reinforcement has been added to the batten pocket edges for extra durability, while pad ergonomics have been improved for additional support and comfort. Separate EVA pads are included for a customized fit based on the conditions.

All wetsuits will fit over the top of the pads which secure to your legs.

These hiking pads help to spread the weight load when hiking making it more comfortable and giving you the ability to hike harder for longer.

The battens and EVA pads can removed if required for cleaning and drying.

  • Perforated neoprene construction for breathability
  • Nonslip internal silicon grips
  • Removable battens and EVA pad
  • Ergonomic pad shape
  • Print reinforced edges of the pocket
  • Compatible with all wetsuits